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z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator
Project z390
This is a log of the z390 Project activities starting with the move to the www.sourceforge.net/projects/z390 project web site. 
Date Description
10/10/07 The z390 source code for v1.3.08 is now on CVS at www.sourceforge.net.  To browse the source code online go to www.sourceforge.net./project/z390/z390.  The directories contain the following members:

This step took several days while I learned how to install and use the following:

10.09/07 Two new email groups hosted by www.sourceforge.net have been setup:


10/06/07 The z390 project website was moved to z390.sourceforge.net using the winscp.sourceforge.net  tool for Windows which supports the SSH file transfer protocol used by www.sourceforge.net for both project website and project CVS version control for source code.  See PDF CVS manual here.
10/05/07 Application accepted and project links and space allocated
10/03/07 Application for z390 project hosting on www.sourceforge.net submitted


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